Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MIC - A chance to think outside of the planet

Finally I managed to blog about this! On 9/4/2012, the IEEE MSA Student Branch hosted an introductory session about an international contest called MIC. The session was given by me and my friend and colleague, Murtaza. So, what is MIC?

Before we get to that, we must first define a nano-satellite. As most of you reading might have guessed, it's a smaller version of a normal satellite. But in reality, the definition goes beyond that; it's a satellite that is not only smaller, but impressively lighter (50 Kg or less) and much cheaper to build and deploy. The use of nano-satellites is becoming a new trend among space engineering firms around the globe due to their merits. It is worth mentioning that owing to their small size, their scope of functionality is limited and thus they are used for specific mission objectives.

Now back to our original talk, MIC is short for Mission Idea Contest and it is a global contest in which you propose an idea for a nano-satellite mission. If you are generally interested in space engineering and want to put your ideas in space, this is a chance for you to pitch your thoughts and compete against institutions and organizations worldwide, all for the sake of improving life and taking space engineering to a whole new level. There are many reasons why to take up the challenge:

  • Improving brain-storming and team-work skills.
  • Engaging in the field of space engineering.
  • Competing internationally with other universities and entities worldwide.
  • Free tickets to Japan for finalists.
  • Student award.
  • Possibility of presenting your ideas at the 4th Nano-Satellite Symposium in Japan.
  • It does not cost anything!
  • CV
  • Most importantly, contributing to your country with your knowledge and hard work.

The session had a great impact on those who attended; they learned about nano-satellites and became aware of an opportunity for space engineering. Feeling the urge to think outside of the planet? Check out www.spacemic.net for more information about the contest and submission. The deadline is 11/5/2012!

Me and Murtaza
I would like to thank Murtaza, my colleague and friend, for partnering with me during the session, S. Gafar for her enormous efforts in organizing this session, Professor Hennawey, our head of department, for giving us the permission to make the session, and those who attended not to see their friends speak, but to get a step closer to fulfilling their passion for engineering.

Me and Murtaza are available for help if needed ;)

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