Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Vodafone "Ana Trainee" Experience

It has been a month now at Vodafone Egypt and things don't seem to be that bad at all. I was hired as a first-line trainee technical support engineer at the technology deparment but to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what job I'd be doing since given the fact I'm a computer engineering student + this is mainly a telecom company. Getting accepted was a sort of an achievement as I had to go through 4 stages of selection. Go to Nourane's blogpost to know more about the selection phases. I agree a lot with her point of view.

Now off to what goes on here!

Basically, I'm working as a technical support engineer at the service desk department. It's like a call center but for Vodafone employees; whenever someone has an IT problem, we get the call and solve their problems remotely. The troubles we solve include account management, internet access issues, Outlook, storage management... etc. We usually use remote access methods to take control of their computers and running scripts to fix the problem.

So obviously, this has nothing to do with C++ or Java, or even hardware stuff. But let's face it, I have finally understood how IT works in a large international corporation; I've dealt with a database in it's actual form, learned more about access methods (Because of that, I now use RDP on my Android device!), understood what an "account" technically is within a database, learned more about web applications and the professional use of Outlook. I also came across troubleshooting techniques for various problems.

Even though this isn't THE MOST interesting job in the world, it's still never a bad personal experience here at Vodafone. The people here are "exceptionally" great and friendly, made new connections and the environment is welcoming. There's even a hot drinks machine with free vends! Not to mention the free Audi A5 Sportback test drive... YES a 570,000 EGP car!

I must say I'm enjoying this to the max. I was once told that it's nearly impossible to get accepted there and if you were, it's easier to get a job there. I'm very greatful for this experience and even more greatful to my efforts that took me there!

So Vodafone...


  1. After reading what you have been through in Nourane's blogpost and your post I have an objection and a question
    Objection : They should have given you the chance to drive a better car (maybe R8 <3 or Mustang GT <3 )-I'm not saying A5 is bad just not worth what you've through-
    Question: Do you have an answer machine that says "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" XDXD
    In the End I would like to say that I hope it really helps you in the future

  2. A5 is better than nothing ;)

    and yes we have that machine indeed! XD

    Thanks for your support!

  3. Hey man great post! any idea about the salary? and does it differ from a year or another? and will this training really add to my career profile as a college freshman?

    1. Thanks!

      It's a training you shouldn't miss. The good thing about us that it isn't course-like as some trainings do, they let you work with them! You'll learn the fact there's a different world outside the walls of college and how this world hss it's own requirements not fulfilled by college alone. Another major thing to learn is the corporate environment: member hierarchy and communications. You'll also get a further assurance of how team work and socializing are essential.

      The salary was 500 egp / month. Not much but the real gold is in the experience you are getting. I don't think it differs a lot from to another, but if you do well on your first time at Vodafone, you'll be automatically accepted for next year's training + get into a better position.

      To emphasize how important this training was, my experience on my second time with Vodafone (I did a blog podt on it. Check it out!) helped me land a job in software development in an IBM partner company + I made good connections in Vodafone if I ever wanted to continue there.

      My only issue with Vodafone is that it kind of lacks development. As a computer engineer, I'm always interested creating new things, rather than fixing the same problems over and over again. Nonetheless, this training is essential for building up a true professional.

      Reach me for any questions regarding this training or in general if u'd like :)

    2. Thanks a million man! I'll begin in Sun City branch by the 1st of July. I hope this two months program really adds to my experience as you said.